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Hansen Downhole Pump Solutions

Innovative downhole pumping solutions for deep oil wells, gas well dewatering, and more

To allow leaving production/injection in a wellbore permanently for well abandonment, any micro tubes (control lines, sensor cables, chemical injection lines, etc.) outside the tubing must be removed to properly place a barrier material as for example cement in the production annulus. The patent pending wireline (alternatively e-coil tubing) tool being developed will remove the micro tubes and bring them to surface so that such a barrier placement can be done.

This animation illustrates how the tool we are developing will locate production/injection tubing collars, then locate micro tubes externally of the tubing, followed by cutting the lines above a cable protector, whereafter the lines are grabbed, cut and retrieved from outside the tubing.


00:14 Tool locates collar, and then engages its anchors (to hold tool stationary while doing next operations).

00:42 Sensor/milling module rotates to locate micro tubes and upper side of cable protector.

00:55 Milling tool penetrates tubing above clamp, mills down until contact with this and then rotates while cutting micro tubes.

01:15 Tool has released both anchors and moves up to cable clamp above where tubes were cut.

01:19 Tool locates collar, and again engages its anchors.

01:35 Sensor/milling module rotates to locate micro tubes and upper side of cable protector.

01:42 The mill penetrates the tubing (but do not extend far enough to damage/cut micro tubes), and cuts away a window in the production/injection tubing.

02:05 The gripper is extended from the tool, rotated followed by grabbing and pulling in the micro tubes.

02:14 The mill is again extended, to a depth sufficient to cut micro tubes. Tubes are cut.

02:24 The anchors has been released and the tool is pulled out of the wellbore, with the micro tubes held in place against the tool by the gripper.

The Aarbakke Innovation MicroTubeRemover wellbore intervention tool