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Our solutions

We are determined to offer the lowest complexity deep wellbore pumping solutions in the industry! Our game-changing solutions combine unparalleled simplicity with high levels of reliability, setting new standards of efficiency and dependability in the industry.

Our low complexity downhole pumps

  • Oil/water production
  • Gas well dewatering
  • Coal bed methane/Coal seam gas (CBM/CSG) dewatering
  • Kick-starting wells after workover
  • Offshore riser installations 
  • Rig-less installations
  • Umbilical deployed and operated
  • Through tubing deployed
  • Jointed/spooled tubing operated
  • Designed down to 1-1/2″ diameter
  • Jointed/spooled tubing operated
  • Works very well horizontally

Enabling our clients

At our core, we specialize in developing solutions that excel in low complexity. Our utmost priority is to ensure reliability while optimizing the cost-effectiveness of installation, operation, and retrieval process. By actively working with these factors, we have developed some of the industry’s potentially lowest complicity deep wellbore type pumping solutions.

Our main focus lies in rig-less deployments, wherein local crews are responsible for carrying out the installations, commissioning, and subsequent retrieval of the systems. By enabling our clients to utilize their own local crew, we not only help them reduce costs but also simplify the logistics.

Additionally, our pump designs are strategically tailored to enable local manufacturing of long components, due to the inherent simplicity of our design and effectively reducing transportation costs.

By harnessing the power of a static wellbore umbilical to drive the downhole pump, we eliminate the risk of any gas or oil leakage into the surrounding environment.

Low complexity, closed loop hydraulic operated pump

We have developed a larger OD low complexity hydraulic operated downhole pump (5,9″ max OD) that can be used for oil or gas wells. See video above.

This pump can be jointed or spooled tubing deployed, and/or later wireline replaceable. It will work horizontal, and will be a great tool to improve total drainage from mature horizontal wells.

Kaffiholen – closed loop downhole hydraulic operated pump
Our closed loop downhole hydraulic operated pump, named “Kaffiholen”!
Dayapump illustration of functionality.
Dayapump. Click on image to enlagre.

Enhance production from depleted offshore gas-lifted wells by retrofitting a specialized downhole pump

Our Dayapump offers a solution to optimize production from depleted or inefficiently operated gas-lifted wells, using the gas-lift gas as a power source for the pump. This enables our pump to seamlessly integrate into the wells, extending to depths below the lowest gas-lift valve, and effectively delivering fluid up to the gas-lift valve.

In 2022, we established a partnership with a Norwegian offshore operator to jointly develop the pump and its associated hardware for installatio in 5-1/2″ completed subsea wells.

Get power and signal down to/from the reservoir section – The Downhole Wet Mateable, Flow-through, Electric Coupler

Hansen Downhole Pump Solutions has developed, and thoroughly tested our downhole conductive electric coupler. We have delivered the first four sets for deepwater subsea wells, enabling power and signal transfer between the lower and upper completion string in two-stage completions.

This technology allows us to reintroduce intelligent completion wells using two-trip completion systems. The key enabling components is our downhole electric flow-through wet-mate able coupler, which we are currently delivering.