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About us

HANSEN Downhole Pump Solutions provides innovative downhole technology solutions for deep oil wells, gas well dewatering, and more.


Upon inventing and developing a diverse range of complex technologies, we discovered a growing demand among our clients for a more cost-effective substitute to rod-based pumping systems.

Simple, low cost, and affordable

Our customers expressed a desire for rig-less alternatives that are not only simple, low cost, and affordable but also maintain a high level of reliability.

In response, we devoted a substantial amount of time, back in 2010, to developing innovative solutions that could effectively meet these requests. As a result, we obtained patents for four distinct pump types – both electrical, pneumatic, and hydraulic-operated.

In the summer of 2011, we built the initial prototype of a pneumatically operated pump, designed to be the simplest in its class. It underwent a series of test which aimed to showcase the technology´s simplicity and functionality. These tests proved successful in demonstrating that a pump can be significantly simplified compared to existing market offerings.

Bolster efficiency

The following year, in 2012, our attention turned towards incorporating enhancements to bolster efficiency of the pump, as well as manufacturing and assembly procedures, detailed design, alongside conducting comprehensive indoor testing and perfecting the pump, subsequently named “the Dayapump”.

In October 2013 we performed offshore testing at a depth of 400 meters to assess the pneumatic performance and efficiency of the system. We also conducted performance tests on a built-in dump valve aimed at significantly increasing daily lifting capacity.

In the subsequent year, 2014, we developed a hydraulic downhole pump capable of serving both oil and gas wells, including the deliquification of gas wells, even in horizontal wellbore sections. 

Strategic partnership with Aarbakke Innovation and Westco

Securing a substantial investment from Aarbakke Innovation in 2016 allowed us to expand our engineering recourses and launch an extensive testing program, further advancing our capabilities. In mid-2017, Westco AS acquired a significant stake in our company, solidifying a strategic partnership that has greatly contributed to our growth and market presence.

Our primary manufacturing facility at Aarbakke AS, situated in Bryne, Norway is renowned for its exceptional mechanical and engineering capabilities. It is widely recognized as one of the finest machine shops globally, showcasing our unwavering commitment to precision and quality in manufacturing.

Aarbakke prodution hall
Manufacturing facility at Aarbakke AS

Profit sharing

Hansenpumps embraces social responsibility by providing monthly funding to Kiva, empowering individuals worldwide to create or enhance their micro-businesses and generate employment opportunities.

With Kiva´s mission of “Opportunity for All”, we have been able to support over 120 individuals in Asia in their journey to establish their own small businesses, fostering stable jobs for themselves and their families.