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Hansen Downhole Pump Solutions

Innovative downhole pumping solutions for deep oil wells, gas well dewatering, and more

After inventing and developing a number of complex technologies, as for example downhole permanent sensor solutions, semi stiff and spoolable carbon rod wellbore intervention system for logging long reach horizontal wellbores, permanent magnet based downhole pumps, and more, we found that a number of clients wanted a lower cost alternative to rod based pumping systems. Typically we heard that it should be rig less, it should be able to be deployed through existing gas wells down to 2-3/8" tubing, it should be simple, it should be low cost, it should be reliable and it should remove the visual pollution that the rod based systems have.

From early 2010 we then spent a considerable amount of time outlining new solutions that could meet these requests, which resulted in 4 different pump types being patented; Electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic operated.

In the summer of 2011 we built the first prototype of the simplest pump, pneumatic operated, which we tested in a freshwater tank, followed by shallow depth testing in a sand and silt contaminated test well. This just to demonstrate the simplicity and functionality of the technology, where we proved that a pump can be made much simpler than what is in the market today. 2012 involved more detailed design, improvements to increase efficiency, manufacture, assembly, in-house testing, etc., of this pneumatic pump, the "Dayapump". In October 2013 we performed sea testing at 400 meters water depth, to check spreadsheet with respect to pneumatic performance and efficiency, as well as performance test a built in dump valve option that will significantly increase daily lift rates. In 2014 we invented a wireline replaceable hydraulic downhole pump that can be used for oil wells as well as gas well deliquification. This will also function in horizontal wellbore sections.

Early 2016 we received an investment from Aarbakke Innovation in Norway, where we thereafter increased engineering resources, started a comprehensive testing program, etc. Such a solution is very beneficial for Hansenpumps, as we need less staff ourselves to get to the commercialization stage. Mid 2017 Westco in Norway purchased shares in the company.

One can question why it has taken us such a long time to get to the commercialization stage. That is simply due to the fact that the founders had other jobs that required the majority of the time, as well as we knew we would benefit in not rushing the development of the technology. How many times have we developed technologies too fast, and after that found that the product could have benefitted in allowing more "thinking time"? ;-)

In addition, we are using resources from a world-wide network of technology partners, competencies partners, manufacturing partners, etc., that we have built up through the many years we have worked in the industry. Aarbakke Innovation, one of the co-owners, has significant experienced resources in mechanical design, manufacturing, assembly, testing, etc. See for info.

Our main manufacturing facility at Aarbakke AS is located on Bryne, Norway, and is perhaps one of the best machine shops in the world.