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Hansen Downhole Pump Solutions

Innovative downhole pumping solutions for deep oil wells, gas well dewatering, and more

We are passionate about wellbore pumping and technologies
because we just love the challenges we are given by our worldwide clients

We are creativity and we think differently. When our clients need a better pump solution, we do not think like “Lets make a slightly better rod pump”. We think “Rod pumps are great for some applications, but for the clients that needs something better, let us flip it all upside down and try something else since the modifying existing technologies does not work!”. We love creativity and innovations, and we love to work with our clients in coming up with customized solutions that work for them - Because all clients are different, and that we respect and honor. We are not thinking volume sales, but sales where we help our clients producing from their wellbores better.

Experience, track record, customer needs focus, creativity and innovative culture inspire us to develop the next generation rod less wellbore pump systems.

Phase 1) Low- to medium producers, with main focus on land- and offshore platform wells. Oil wells and gas well dewatering, including CBM/CSG applications.

Phase 2) Enabling technologies to improve lifetime of offshore wellbore ESP's and lower replacement costs.

Phase 3) High volume producers, including subsea

June 2016 - Testing of the low volume hydraulic operated, single chamber, pump at Aarbakke AS, Bryne, Norway

July 2017 - March 2018 - Assembling a mid volume pump for challenging wellbore operations, like e.g. coal bed methane dewatering. Extensive testing was executed at simulated depth, various flow rates and introduction of debris in fluid. Also the anti gas lock was successfully tested.

2021 - The video above is when our downhole, self flushing, electric flow-through coupler are being tested. Here you see when shear pins are cut in a add-on module we designed for the specific client, where we latch and unlatch into a packer for tubing hanger space-out for their deep water subsea wells. It is pretty cool with sound on (loud!).

You challenge us, we invent and deliver

Downhole pump (artificial lift) solutions

Electric couplers for subsurface use